How to get your music on air

October 06, 2022 - 11:24 AM

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To submit your music for our station only fill this form out. Click Here.

To support the station to keep free airplay book an interview  BOOK NOW 

To get your music on 3 international stations.

The other two stations, check them out!

Atlanta All Access Radio

Inspir3 Radio

1.  MP3s only -tagged with song title

2.  Artist & social media handles

3.  Email us for more info Click Here.

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All packages include an interview with us,

Book Now to schedule your interview &

tell the world your story.

 Package 1: $100 for 1 Month (3 radio stations)  

       Package 2: $125.00 for 2 Months (3 radio stations)  

Package 3: $150 for 3 months (3 radio stations)

Package 4:  $450 for 6 months (3 radio stations)


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