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October 09, 2022 - 09:20 PM

If you are ready to invest in yourself

& expand your brand

then book your interview today!

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Your interview can be booked Mon.-Friday,9 am-7 pm PT./11 am-9 pm ET.

Please do not schedule between 3 pm-4 pm PT./6 pm-7 pm ET.

The live interview is broadcast on 8 platforms,

Youtube, Linkedin, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and a

few more audio will be uploaded to where

it will go to Iheart radio, Spotify, Youtube,

Apple Podcast, and 7 other podcast platforms.

Head over to the booking site to pick your plan today

and see other services we offer. 

Fee: $50 afterpay is available

and you can make 4 payments.

Booking & Pay click here Book Now

If you have not filled out the interview form. 

Click Here to submit your music and picture.


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